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A photograph is a secret about a secret.
The more it tells you the less you know.

Diane Arbus

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Looking at a photograph can create emotions like joy or grieve or bring about contemplation and thoughtfulness. It can be fascinating, mind-blowing or even alarming. It can show an exciting aspect of something that's usually considered boring or show the ordinary where it's least expected. A Photograph offers many things and so many more - creating photographs is nothing but passion.

Being passionate about photography
- that's what LENSTESTS is all about

Everyone can shoot. Albeit not everyone takes pictures that are good enough to be proud of or to be adored by others. But pressing the shutter of a camera - be it a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera - is something everybody can do today. SLRs used to be complicated and you needed to have quite a bit of knowledge to even create a photograph that's as good as what point-and-shoots can do with their automatic exposure modes. But today's DSLRs come with easy to use automatic modes as well and thus are good for everybody (that can afford them and is dedicated enough to accept their bigger size). Still most people that go for a DSLR are somewhat more serious about their photography and thus are usually intersted in learning more about it - be it the techniques and creative aspects or the equipment.

Better equipment => better pictures? Well, I'm sure you already knew that the answer to that is NO. A boring picture will not become exciting if it's shot with a better camera or a better lens and some of the greatest pictures were shot with very simple equipment. But some pictures just require certain equipment to be taken. If you want to shoot fast moving objects at dusk with little image noise you'll have to use a fast lens (low f-stop) and a high quality image sensor. To have a full-size picture of insect's compound eyes just requires a macro lens or other macro equipment. While most people will tell you the resolution of any lens is good enough for you it might not be if you intend to make a poster of that one great picture you took during your last vacation (let alone enlarge just a part of that picture).

Better quipment => more potential! Even with the most simple equipment there are infinite possibilities for a good shot but every new lens adds even more possibilities to that. Your potential for great photographs increases but whether your output does as well depends mainly on other things. It's this additional potential that gets even technophobes to catch up with all the equipment that's out there (reading websites like these). With lenses there is no all-in-one Swiss army knife: every lens is bad for many things and good (or excellent) for some. But that's why your DSLR is an interchangeable lens system and that's why your photo bag has space for more than one lens (and fortunately photo bags are available in any size).

This website aims to help you choose the right equipment for your kit. Maybe you have already spotted an interesting lens and would like to compare it to its peers. At LENSTESTS you can do just that. Check out the lens's specifications, take a look at its image quality, check out the sample pictures taken with each lens and compare all that one-on-one among the lenses we have reviewed to date. Make an informed choice on what your next lens should be.

We are independent. This website is not associated in any way with camera or lens manufacturers, big advertizing customers or online shops. There are no Advertorials and nobody can buy our opinion. However regular web advertizing which is marked as such is used to support the site. We do not accept presents or go on paid-for trips and if we get samples for review from manufacturers we return them when we are done. The fact that you can currently only find lens reviews for the Canon system is not a judgement of Canon over Nikon but is just what we have started with. If there is time, other systems will follow.

We are passionate about this. Even though every lens review takes several weeks of hard work we are still excited every time we unbox a new lens. We'll use it for actual photography a while so that we can get a feel for it. When we take it to the lab we make more than a thousand test shots that you can later review yourself in a condensed form on this website. Instead of just giving you plain lab readings that are usually difficult to understand and often not very meaningful we have a much more visual and interactive approach to showing you each lenses capabilities.

We use a simple language. What's great about technical terms is that there is a distinct definition for them so that everybody knows exactly what they mean. Unless of course you don't know or remember the definition in which case the term is confusing. At LENSTESTS we try to use as little technical terms as possible. We have also come up with more understandable replacements for some technical terms. If a complicated term is unavoidable we at least try to give an easy explanation alongside (if the term is marked with a dotted line click on it to get an explanation).

I hope you'll find our articles and reviews useful and enjoy reading them!

Gil De Sousa, Bensheim (Germany)